Sane Wadu Arts Trust

Our Mission
To actively seek to create and develop an environment in which the unfolding of Human-God given talents can be optimally realized
Our vision
The main objectives of sane Wadu Arts Trust are the commitment to promote visual arts and crafts,the artists and increase public awareness and support in Naivasha,its surroundings and Kenya as a whole.
a) Invite,guide and promote talented persons in their artistic ambitions and help them join relevant art professions.
b) To encourage the development of art through exhibitions,workshops,the mass media and other appropriate forums.
c) Attract patronage and support from the Government ,private sectors and individuals for the promotion of Visual art in the republic of Kenya.
d) To encourage the development of art through all levels of learning without any discrimination in regard to creed,race,culture or religion.

Sane Wadu Arts Trust is the only organization that provides space,skills,training and opportunities exclusively to up-coming visual artists outside Nairobi.
Most of Kenya’s practicing visual artists are self taught,hold diplomas or short term qualifications.Our programs currently consists of visual arts—By re-known Kenya artists -Sane Wadu and Eunice Wadu based in Naivasha.
Major activities
Print making–wood cut,etching
Oil and water color paintings.
Basic designs,
Internal/external decorations

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